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Opening Session – Plenary: Victor Ivanov Russian Federation

Starts with regret that Afghan heroin production is still rising. Only a fungal infection helped reduce the crop yield.
Statistics highlight major increases in number of consumers of heroin and cocaine in the world, as well as major rises in production. In Afghanistan, 90% of the world’s heroin continues to be produced. Over the last decade, 1 million people have died and 1 trillion dollars has been spent on the Afghan heroin problem. The withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan will not help this situation and will make matters worse. 100 countries are affected by these issues.

Need to focus on the huge areas of drug transit and distribution. The two “central banks” of the criminal world are Afghan heroin and Latin American cocaine which are linked to piracy, terrorism, extremism. 3 trillion dollars has been invested into crime from drug money. How do we approach this? We need a new philosophy based on the right for development. We are told this is the legalisation of drugs. This is an illusion.

An effective paradigm would be a better understanding of the deep causes of drug use. These two centres are one area, with the social and economic depression in these regions.
Studies show this depression has a murderous effect on whole regions. The depression has bred a social base for consumption. Police enforcement alone isn’t sufficient. Drugs are constantly destroyed in Afghanistan on a daily basis. We have supported this. However, no tangible changes have occurred because the social base of production hasn’t changed. The opium poppy crops have increased 18% in territory.
Alternative development must be the priority. This was endorsed by a high level of experts. Peru , Colombia and Thailand have pushed alternative development and their proposals fully takes into account our proposals.

In eradicating the socio-economic factors behind the drug problem, we are asking for a number of things:
– In 2015, to ask the general assembly to authorise ECOSOC to intensify alternative development in Afghanistan and to plan post conflict development of Afghanistan.
– Next year, as part of UNGASS, we want to propose a world anti-drugs summit where the decisions of the summit will be endorsed by the security council.

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