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Opening Session – Plenary : Executive Director Yury Fedotov

One year before the high level review followed by UNGASS 2016. CND has a primary role in defining the drug control system in the 21st. Drugs still pose a major threat in the world.  We need to break this cycle. The CND has knowledge and commitment to provide international community with a roadmap to overcome these challenges

Many countries around the world are suffering. The UNODC is doing everything possible to provide assistance. Regional and country programs are delivering assistance where needed. Strengthening links with regional and thematic programs. Our work must provide greater assistance to Afghanistan. We are working closely with all our regional partners assisting them on their regional issues.

However, we must ask ourselves tough questions about whether we are succeeding in our goals. Public health continues to affected too many people, especially among youth.

Drug conventions are stabilising drug consumption. In recent decade, cocaine consumption is going down, however synthetic drugs are increasing and overall pre valence of drug use is not decreasing.

We need alternative development. 500 men woman and children are dying every day.

We must continue to work on demand reduction to protect the health and reduce the health and social consequences of drug use. We are releasing guidance on healthy lifestyle- especially among young people at this CND and we are presenting a new technical study on new psychoactive substances

However, HIV through IDU is still an unresolved challenge. Stigma, discrimination and a lack of services are among the challenges. UNODC is fully committed to achieving a 50% reduction in HIV new infections among injecting drug users.As a final point, human rights and public health considerations must be at the centre of the UNODC’s drug response.

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