Opening Session Plenary: Egypt representing Group of African states

We continue to be committed to the three drug conventions. The three round-tables at the high level review next year will provide an effective measure to strengthen our work in this area.

The world drug problem remains a major problem in many parts of the world, particularly in Africa. We are concerned about some parts of the continent becoming major transit hubs. This creates major security problems undermining Africa’s ability to achieve the millennium development goals.
We are also concerned about the health problems around drug use and we will be containing to strengthen health programs.

We would like to encourage UNODC in its advocacy role in helping focus on alternative development and the African plan of action will continue to be pursued.

Technical assistance is needed to build capacity of law enforcement and judiciaries. We are also concerned about the lack of control on Ketamine and Tramadol and we want to implement measures to reduce consumption and strengthen international cooperation around addressing issues posed by these substances

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