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Opening Session Plenary: Statement by Group of 77 and China

Statement of regional groups of 77 and China made by Ambassador from Sudan:

He assured the Commission of their support. The group emphasize the world drug problem necessitate a balance approach and there is need for synergy of effort both at the international and local level. It therefore calls on the international community to provide technical assistance to developing countries upon request.

The group takes special note of the secretariat’s report on drug trafficking and emphasizes the need for strict control of drug cultivation and trafficking.

The group of 77 take account of the need to provide UNODC more financial support to do its work effectively and support member states with required technical assistance. The group also take recognition and attaches special importance to control and sustainable strategies for crop eradication such as alternative development strategies which is a strategy to also undertake against poverty.

The group reiterates the need for international community to support member state for alternative development for drug prevention and appreciates effort made by Thailand and Peru in the strategy development.

The group welcomes ongoing effort to share experiences among member state for improve efficiency.

The group underlines challenges of law enforcement in challenging drug trafficking in developing countries and call on international community to cooperate and support transit state in line with the principle of shared responsibilities.

The group shared its concern on abuse of substances not under international control such as tramadol and ketamine and call for adoption of appropriate measures to curb the manufacture, distribution and use of these substances. The group note with  regret the report of WHO ECDD on ketamine and call for bringing ketamine under international control.

It calls for more effort on information on the risk pose by these new psychoactive substances.
Finally the group will like to welcome the idea of the general assembly to convene an extraordinary session in 2016 and welcome the suggestion that the commission on narcotics(CND) acts as the preparatory group for the UN general assembly in 2016.

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