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Opening Session – Plenary : GRULAC (Latin American and Caribbean states)

We are concerned about the rise in the use of New Psychoactive substances. We need all government to increase the donor base and improve funding to continue the operational activities

The drug control treaties are being implemented by the countries of GRULAC. We are committed to the full and effective implementation of the international framework of drug control. We are concerned about the threat of the world drug problem and we commend the work of the UNODC and the INCB in their efforts and for ensuring the supply of medicinal use of drugs for licit purposes. The countries in the region are committed to the drug control regime.

We approve the re-accession of Bolivia to the single convention of 1961, allowing the traditional use of coca leaf to continue among come cultural communities in Bolivia.

Prevention and the control of illicit crops is essential for effective supply reduction. Preventative alternative development is vital and must be strengthened.

We must strengthen international cooperation with the most effected countries and provide them with support from the international community.We need to provide support to transit states and consumer countries also have a responsibility to tackle supply of drugs.

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