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Opening sessions statement: Ireland on behalf of the EU

In December 2012, the EU adopted a new drug strategy which provides the overarching political framework for the policies in the EU on drug policy for 2013-2020. The EU drug strategy ad process of evaluation that informed its preparation constitutes an important addition to inform this debate, and hope it will be helpful for the evaluation for the Political declaration.

The strategy is accompanied by 2 action plans. The first one is currently being prepared in Brussels. More information will be provided today at 1pm in a side event on the strategy.

Principles that underpin the EU approach:

  • Improve the life
  • Balanced, integrated and evidence-based approach
  • Protection of health
  • Respect for human dignity, equality, human rights, rule of law
  • Based on the EU Charter of human rights
  • Based on the 3 UN drug conventions, as well as other UN political documents on drugs and HIV/AIDS

We attach great importance to the implementation of drug control treaties and other conventions. The objectives of the strategy are as follows:

  • Contribute to a measurable reduction in demand for drugs, and harms
  • Reduce availability of drugs
  • Develop evidence for policies and actions through research and evaluation
  • Strengthen dialogue and cooperation between the EU and other countries and international bodies

The drugs phenomenon needs to be addressed in an international context, in a comprehensive and balanced manner.

We have introduced some resolutions in that regard, to promote the sharing of experience in drug profiling, reducing HIV and AIDS, enhancing international cooperation to combat trafficking in West Africa, etc.  We hope that these will receive broad support.

We are also promoting more funding for UNODC.

The EU is promoting the meaningful involvement of civil society in the debates at national and international levels. We promote wide participation at the civil society hearing this afternoon.

The EU is committed to international cooperation and sharing of the EU approach, based on the principle of shared responsibility, respect for human rights, international conventions, and international law.

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