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Plenary opening statement by UNASUR

We need to strengthen our response to the World Drug Problem. Southern American countries offer their response to the need to carry out consultations on cooperation and coordination to develop and integrate a multidisciplinary approach to the drugs problem. Actions are based on the principle of non-interference in respect with the sovereignty of countries. We focus on countries where there are most vulnerable populations. UNASUR has worked on developing principles, upholding international and regional treaties, taking into account the declarations and plans of action of the 1998 and 2009 developed y the UN, as well as those developed by CICAD.

We have adopted a plan of action for the next 5 years. Member states of UNASUR have launched an analysis on the possibility of creating a South American drug observatory. This in important to have up to date statistics that we can use to develop serious policies. We promote the dissemination of this knowledge, and promoting cultural and moral changes. It is fundamental to coordinate and exchange information. We created a specialised tasks force. IN this regard, I want to highlight the forum on alternative development in Lima. It was an excellent forum to discuss strengths and weaknesses. We also want to highlight the efforts of Mercosur and Celac. We propose a multilateral memorandum of understanding to share information.

The South American Council on the World Drug Problem welcomes the fact that the UN held a special session on the world drug problem in 2012. This will help us develop tools to reach better results.

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