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Round table on demand reduction: statement by Ukraine

We need to put human being at the center of how drug is control. Those who depend on drugs should not be a subject of brutality or punishment but treatment.They should not be stigmatized. Young people are becoming alienated from the conventional activities, they don’t do sports but always clubbing, socializing on the internet and these are opportunities that introduces them to drugs. To curb this trend is to address these ways of socializing..
It is important to reach every individual not just about group abstract and also to focus on moving young people out of this group. To stop young people flight into drug abuse before a point of no return . We should acknowledge their dependency through their social environment but we should never consider it irreversible. We should know that voluntary application for treatment does not have any social or negative effect. We must try to eradicate the myth that people have always used drug, marijuana, opiods and all that. In applying preventive method we must bear in mind that tradition are multi-faceted. On the other hand people have always used narcotic as analgesics and they have always have a healthy lifestyle. A lot has been done in Ukraine ad evaluated with the support of UNODC. There is need to change the social environment to combat both crime and illegal money laundering .

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