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Ambassador of Iraq on behalf of group of Asian States

High priority for international diplomatic agenda.  WDP remains common responsibility through comprehensive strategies.  Group text notes serious concern about threat in East and SE Asia.  MEth seizures record high in 2012.  ATS and other drug challenges for Asia and Pacific.  Synthetic drugs including meth have recently become a global threat requiring consolidated world wide action.  Welcomes uNODC Smart Program to counter threat of NPS.  Great concern is ongoing threat to legalize cannabis. Drug problem threat to health and wellbeing of all humanity.  Undermines political stability, efforts to eradicate poverty and rule of law.  Trafficking and abuse a major threat to health and dignity of millions of people and families, particularly youth.  Asian group pays particular tribute to law enforcement and judicial personnel who have sacrificed their lives and CS personnel.  Asian Group welcomes decision of general assembly to convene UNGASS.  Continue our efforts Shanghai group in combating money laundering, terrorism financing and other relevant regional organizations.  ASEAN will also continue to combat with aim of achieving drug free SE Asia by 2015.

Common and shared responsibility for addressing WDP in conformity with three drug control conventions.  Asian group will continue efforts in order to achieve goals set out in 2009 POA.  Will continue close cooperation with CND, INCB, and WHO and other relevant international organizations.  High confidence in leadership of chair.

Please click here to read the full statement:  http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/0f452ce7-c25c-4f4b-bedd-a98253b277cf

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