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Nicaraguan Ambassador on behalf of GRULAC

Nicaraguan Ambassador: We welcome presence of heads of Government, high ranking ministers, policy makers and heads of international organisations. This meeting is of relevance because of the declaration from 2009 will be under going a review in their region shortly. GRULAC acknowledges that the actions in the region and on a global level have not been enough. There needs to be a better understanding of the economics that underly drug trafficking. There is close collaboration between difference sectors of society in their region and they have been working on increasing communication. On demand reduction, they have put effort into working on the family unit and how it can act as a preventative factor. Countries are getting better at doing surveys on drug use and generating data. Grulac stresses the work it has done to reduce cultivation, especially that of coca.  Highlights the validity of good alternative development measures.  Looking forward to the issuing of the guidelines on this. There has been an increase in demand for health services to treat addictions. GRULAC has seen increase in NPS and illict drug trafficking through cyber technology. The persistence of the World Drug Problem, and its wide ranging costs, have caused concern in their region. This has created an awareness that we need evidence-based, balanced, multidisciplinary approach. This will help us effectively face the WDP. We need greater effectievenss in management of WDP. We need to look at new approaches so that current policies can evolve within the international frame works. We need to analyse it from a comprehensive perspective. Our approach to the problem means we need to take into account differences between countries. GRULAC invites members to undertake an indepth analysis so we can make an informed decision for UNGASS 2016.

Please click here to read the full statement:  http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/7e3255b3-1fa0-4fc3-92ca-d66154293749

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