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Greece, Deputy Minister of Health Speak on Behalf of EU and MS

Lists all MS aligning with statement.  Full cooperation of EU in carrying out your work.  Underline that IDCC and IHRL framework for addressing WDP.  Great opportunity to review progress made so far in addressing drugs phenomenon.  We cannot afford to waste this opportunity.  Since 2009 much progress made but problem not solved.  TOo many people lose their lives and are vulnerable to trafficking.  Within CND and in view of 2016. Should have open debate about challenges and take into account different policy actions with full respect for human right, international law and 3 conventions and PD on HIV/AIDS.  International drug control conventions focused on public health and are human rights centered and flexible.  EU drugs strategy 2013 – 2020.  Reviewed policies 2012 etc.  incorporated a number of new ideas and approaches that will be implemented.  Essential principle is respect for fundamental rights, democracy, equality, solidarity. EU opposes death penalty in all cases and without exception and calls for universal abolition.  Calls on states using death penalty for drug offenses to institute a moritorium with a view to abolishing death penalty altogether.

Increase focus on health related challenges of drug problem.  Effective, evidence based prevention programs.  Access to treatment, essential medicines, risk and harm reduction services.  Aiming at recovery and social integration should be encouraged.  Consolidate evidence base on policy to increase efficacy.  Study drug markets to better understand cost and benefits to be effective.  Early detection and intervention, risk and harm reduction, social reintegration and recovery.  Strongly support risk and harm reduction.  Experience has proved that these interventions have been successful by helping to reduce spread of infections and drug related death.  Principle unanimously accepted by all MS of EU and enshrined in our drug control strategy.  Also successfully implemented by other countries.  Spread of NPS, misuse of prescription medicines.  Need to focus on other health problems.  Share and adopt best practices in order to expand demand reduction services in each countries.

Supply reduction, reaffirm need to disrupt market and availability of illicit drugs and continue to reduce availability of precursors.  Combat money laundering and improve judicial cooperation.  better align legislation and practices with full respect and human rights.  UN Convention Against Transnational organized crime and corruption.  Stronger inter-reional exchange such as FATF.
Use of proceeds from trafficking to fund terrorism. Promote participation of local communities.  Multilateral and billateral development agencies should participate in AD and PAD.  Better respond to rapidly expanding patterns of drug demand and supply.  High levels of drug related violence and illicit opium production.  Stand ready to cooperate on NPS prevention efforts. Sharing info and best practices essential as is international cooperation.  Strongly committed to strengthening international cooperation.

Relevant UN bodies and specialized agencies should report to drug organs for UNGASS although  CND still central body, but these documents should be factored into final assessment.  EU supports relevant incorporation of civil society, including scientific community, NGOs and youth.  Relevant evidence to policy makers supplied by NGOs.

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/eb78ecfd-b492-454a-bd85-395e307df6e5

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