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CND Plenary Day 1 – Finland

We will focus on strengthening the office. We thank the UNODC for information you have offered us today and throughout the year. The operational implementation at UNODC is at its early stage, and even so further advanced than in other parts of the UN. We are happy to continue discussions on this issue. This goes hand in hand with the need for grater transparency and efficiency.

There have been discussions on the general purpose fund. We continue to consider that these are two issues: general purpose funds are as important as ever and we will increase our contribution by 14% this year. We will continue doing so in the coming years. We should however not lose side of programmatic approaches. We should strengthen linkages between thematic and regional programmes.

We have a better understanding of the UNODC programme framework, but would like to know more about UNODC’s programme level. I would be interested to hear of further plans on UNODC’s view and further plans for UN wide efforts. We consider UN-wide efforts very important. We consider important that UNODC memtioned human rights in their opening speech. We want to get that type of information o UNODC human rights matters. We also consider important the continued work on evaluation on the human rights indicators.

Another point we want to raise is to improve the participatory role of CSOs. We can do this as member states, but there is a role for UNODC to promote that. This is crucial for transparency but also for the effective implementation of the UNODC mandate.

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