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CND Plenary Day 1 – Canada

Canada has a strong and positive relationship with UNODC. Canada has contributed over $100 million to the organisation. Supports results-based financial management where accountability and transparency are importance. Supports technical assistance and capacity building. Full cost recovery will be consistently applied in field offices and headquarters. Canada supports limited FCR to review field offices with higher costs in view of finding more efficiencies. Need to reflect on how FCR has been implemented, and Canada has a few concerns. EG: on the change in system in projects not yet running before FCR came in which have been switched to it. Canada worries that technical assistance might be priced out of the market. We also worry that some field offices may be disproportionately effected.

Crime Congress: why is it where it currently sits? It is also described as a policy-making body and a governing body.

Notion of prevention: there are mentions in the strategic framework but not well emphasises. Mentioned in titles of some subprograms. It could be added to other programmes (like sub-programme 3)

Supportive of strong references to rule of law and challenges of corruption in overall orientation section.

Under sub programme 1, trafficking of persons protocol are not included as an indicator while other protocols are.

Consistency of language: Trafficking and illicit trafficking are used. Want to replace with trafficking (with the meaning of all trafficking is illicit).

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