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CND Plenary Day One Brazil

Drawing attention to cooperation between UNODC and Brazilian Ministry of Health for prevention in Schools and Families.  Re. para B2, of Item 12 of our agenda, we have taken note of p. 19 that reflects the fact that Brazil was one of the biggest providers of voluntary contributions up to 2012.  Reflects our faith in UNODC in this spirit of partnership and cooperation.

Echo suggestion made by Brazil at 56th session in December last year, in that secretariat endeavored to provide MS with a general overview of consolidated figures in statistical tables that are easy to understand UNODC spending on different programs.  Would be useful to have general overview of voluntary contributions by each country and what they were used for.  Brazil would be interested in info on geographic origin of UNODC staff and their levels. Request this to further boost cooperation with UNODC.  Associate ourselves with goals of UNODC to continue with consultations with states with the aim of providing greater clarity and transparency.

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