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CND Plenary Day 1 – Iran

We have made efforts to combat drugs in all aspects. There are ongoing discussions and challenges on production, consumption, transit, supply,diversity of production models, etc. has urged the global community to stop emphasizing simple national strategies. There is a need for coordination of plans of action at national, regional and international levels. But the following points must be taken into account:

– role between UN and member countries in exchanging views and experiences for a better understanding of the drug problem from production to use
– presenting efficient models at national and international programmes with emphasis on special geographical position of countries and regions
– promoting of a scientific approach such as tackling trends of drug production and trafficking

On the situation of the region, despite efforts by Afghan authorities, we regret that the highest amounts of opium and heroin are produced there. The threat to security in Afghanistan has been one of the most important factors for production in Afghanistan. There has been a strengthening of terrorist circles, increasing treats to security.

There have been measures to promote alternative development in Afghanistan. Failure to materialise efforts by the international community in Afghanistan is also a factor for the increase in the problem in the country. The formulation of plans for the fulfilment of such responsibilities and strengthening collective measures should be one of the objectives of the CND. UNODC should strengthen regional cooperatives such as the Triangle Initiative. The needed funds have not been appropriately allocated to tackle the new trafficking routes in the region. I underline the necessity for adopting a balanced approach at national, regional and international level. We should strengthen community based approaches to engage in the political debate. We must engage in a broad-based campaign to tackle the scourge of narcotic drugs.

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