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CND Plenary Day 1 – GRULAC statement

We welcome the fact that there will be interactive panels to exchange opinions and go into more depth on the issue of schedules and the 2016 UNGASS. We hope that the debate will make an assessment of the world drug problem.

We stress that the HLS identified progress made and challenges ahead. We highlight he central role of CND in the UNGASS process based on assessment of achievements and challenges, and based on shared responsibility, state sovereignty and human rights.

Efforts are made in GRULAC countries to address challenges in demand and supply reduction and implement the drug conventions. We renew our commitments to continue the debate on the world drugs problem based on science and evidence, acknowledging shared responsibility and UN international instruments and national experiences.

We take note of the work of the INCB and advocate for constructive dialogue so that INCB can be aware of the realities of each country. The INCB report includes a chapter on impacts of drugs on health, safety, crime and governance. These will help us go into more details in activities to deal with the drug problem.

Our region has an important forum and cooperation mechanisms – CICAD, Council on the World Drug Problem, Caribbean-based initiatives. We all work together to reduce supply, demand, promote strengthening of capacities of states. We stress the contributions of communities and their role alongside member states.

We reaffirm the principle of common and shared responsibility in cooperation. The design of effective prevention programmes is crucial, in particular for children and young people, and the most vulnerable groups. We request urgent measures to be taken in that regard. We have made progress to prevent, treat and reintegrate addicts. We have also social inclusion strategies. We take note of the World Drug Report. We will adopt firm commitments to control cannabis and coca plants. We stress and acknowledge as a significant achievement the fact that the UN General Assembly adopted the guidelines on alternative development, including preventive alternative development.

We have made progress to seize drugs, weapons and assets. All these efforts deserve the support of the international community. We have spent a lot of money to counter production and trade. This should be supported by the international community based on the 1988 Convention.

The 23rd meeting took place in Ecuador in October 2013. We made recommendations to improve the implementation of the 2009 Political Declaration and Plan of Action. We focused on trafficking, manufacture, etc. We have made progress. It is important to implement recommendations, in particular promoting an assessment culture of the implementation of programmes, strengthening of structural institutions.

We reiterate our unequivocal commitment to the pursuit of comprehensive actions based on cooperation and the principle of shared responsibility.

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