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CND Plenary Day 1 – Statement of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia.  Peace and God’s blessings be upon you.  Dealing with the WDP requires added responsibilities to save and protect our societies and increase mechanisms of joint cooperation and coordination among us.  K of SA will use all means and methods and believes in the importance of regional coordination in order to put a stop to trafficking of narcotics and psychotropic substances.  Part of international system that requires us to use unitary, not singular efforts.  Kingdom has come a long way at local effort.  Have implemented field efforts and preventive efforts.  Also cooperation among Gulf States.  In 2013 field achievements – lists quantities of seizures.  57 million pills amphetamines.

Cannabis 43 tons.  Controlled substances for med use abused.  Exceeds 10 million pills.  Regional and international cooperation very importance in combating trafficking.  Building bridges of cooperation with colleagues and counterparts in friendly and sisterly countries.  Sharing information in order to combat trafficking has resulted in implementation of several joint operations. 14 million amphetamine pills seed.  Narcotic hashish and 74 kilos of heroin.  In past year, Saudi Drug Enforcement Agency second regional seminar held in cooperation with UNODC.  Many experts and international experts participated.  Meeting issued important recommendations in re trafficking, prevention, and treatment.

Constructive partnership with UNODC in enhancing cooperation in prevention, treatment and aftercare.  Formulated an ambitious workplan with UNODC.  Shed some light on another problem that has started to spread.  Abuse of synthetic opioids not under international control including tramadol.  Has increased recently because of illicit trafficking of tramadol.  INCB 2012 report notes increased abuse of tramadol not subject to IC of tramadol.   Ask the Commission to adopt a firm stand against this problem and that it be placed as a priority at this stage.

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