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CND Plenary Day 1 – Delegation from the Republic of Korea

The drug problems present us with challenges, like cultivation, emerging drugs, and trafficking. The international community should cooperate to face these challenges. ROK is thankful to UNODC in helping them collect information and helping them, and other countries to build capacity. Has three points about UNODC

1) Comprehensive and balance approach, encompasses supply and demand and security issues. Support regional and thematic programmes. ROK note with satisfaction that the Afghan regional programme, Paris Pact etc have all taken into account the approach.

2) Believe that countries should be helped by the UNODC. Welcome the work that they do. Notes the new offices, and new programmes launched over the past few years and the regional work done to increase ownership of work by countries.

3) Notes that FinGov has played an important role. Hopes the financial situation, evaluation, can be strengthened. Important about the full cost recovery financial model.

ROK has a commitment to combatting drug problems, and to international cooperation.

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