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CND Plenary Day 1 – UNODC Financial Restructuring

Dennis Thatcher – Division of UNODC management.  Update Commission (CND) on consolidated budget.  In 2013 during reconvened sessions, CND and Chair approved consolidated budget for 2014-2015 – consistent application of full cost recovery model based on funding by voluntary contribution.  Cause was continuous decline of general purpose funds and exponential growth of programs.  UNODC has faced financial crises that has as root cause decline in resources.

  Have to restructure or selective curtailment of UNODC activities would result.  New structure addresses direct and indirect costs and support functions.  Aligns UNODC with other UN secretariats.  Consistent approach.  All funding resources used for intended purposes.  In order to ensure transparency and consistency actions initiated at various levels.  UNODC issued detailed guidelines to field offices.  Promotes central, consistent and transparent management. Allows cost comparison.  Issued internal guidance note to all staff.  Full cost recovery must be fair and consistent.  Engage MS and partners with accurate and consistent information.  Workshops have been organized to provide full support to field offices.  Senior level full cost recovery monitoring committee has met regularly and informs ED of progress and challenges.  Engages in directing a common position on implementation.  Focusing on implementation at field office level.  Will review on a regular basis and address evolving risk for field offices and operation.  Change mgmt. is central to roll out of funding model.  Senior level constantly reinforces and ownership across organization.

In terms of cost efficiencies, UNODC continues to pursue cost effectiveness Review of structure of offices in Vienna and in the field.  Review of arrangements of facilities in countries hosting field offices.  Consideration of needs when post vacancies arise.  Process improvements recognized by UN – all new framework on engagement with external parties such as implementing partnerships, grants and procurements.  Guides transparent selection and engagement of third parties.  UN Secretariat has acknowledged and designated our finance team to be worldwide lead entity.  Working closely with NY Enterprise Planning team so it will take full advantage of ERP benefits.  Largest administrative reform in the UN that will streamline processes and bring more consistency and transparency.

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