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CND Plenary Day 1 – Strategic framework

Jean-Luc Lemahieu, UNODC Country Office Regional Representative 
Talk about the strategic frame work 2016-17. Outlines the objectives and accomplishments which need to be achieved. Want to simplify and align UNODC’s planning tools. The first item is the alignment of policy documents. Thematic programmes provide conceptual framework, has a list of significant issues and a list of tools. The strategic framework is a two-year planning tool. It’s the only tool linked to regular budget. Nine substantive programmes,. Six of which deal with trafficking and organised crimes, corruption, terrorism, health, livelihoods, justice, research. The other three are on policy support, field support and supporting the UNODC.
The process of approval for the document is currently being processed by the General Assembly will be presented in June this year.

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