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CND Plenary Day 1 – UNODC presentation

Aldo Lale-Demoz, Director of the Division of Operations of UNODC
ED report on the activities of UNODC provides a comprehensive overview of activities in 2013. we deal with development, security and crime. This is part of the pot MDG agenda and landscape in general. We attach importance to coherence in the UN. IN this context, the promotion of a UN system-wide coherence aims to see the impact of organised crime and trafficking on development and security. We support the ratification of drug conventions, transnational organised crime, and the applications of the UN standards and norms on criminal justice. We have paid attention to complementarity between thematic and regional programmes. At regional level, we have expanded cross-border cooperation and mechanisms. Today, we have approved 10 regional programmes in Eastern Africa, Asia and Pacific, Arab states, Afghanistan, South Asia, the Caribbean, South East Europe and others. Some regional programmes are already entering their second phase. We want to better align with regional priorities. At inter-regional level, we have connected various UNODC programmes – Paris Pact Initiative, and programmes involving Afghanistan (exchange of intelligence, money laundering, criminal cooperation, etc.). Networking is a recognised effective intervention. We are on the way to develop partnerships with the EU on criminal justice and the cocaine route. Regional officers serve as a regional hub for expertise for greater economies of scale, knowledge sharing, etc. At national level, we develop integrated interventions to place drugs and crime in the development agenda. We also established LPOs (liaison partnership offices) with emphasis on policy support and partnerships. Developments have been welcome by donors and countries. But we must recognise that we must improve the financial sustainability of our operations.

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