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CND Plenary Day 3 – European Union

Increasing trend of illicit substance use, and combination use. NPS. Blood-borne diseases. In response to these challenges, the EU is using an integrated, multi-disciplinary, evidence-based approach. Promote the use of best practices. Develop quality standards. The EU drug strategy also is committed to effective risk and harm reduction measures. The strategy identifies the need to prevent diversion of precursors form legal trade to the illicit market, and the same for materials used as cutting agents. Welcome the growing number of countries engaging in this area. The focus is on reduction of the production and distribution of synthetic drugs in the EU. Cocaine and heroin trafficking to the EU. Have to reduce the illicit cultivation of opium, coca, and cannabis. The drugs phenomenon needs to be addressed in a global market. The EU advocates for comprehensive strategies that take into account every dimension of the drug phenomenon. Committed to strengthening law enforcement and judicial cooperation. The most effective response is working together. Need a balance between drug demand and drug supply efforts. The EU is committed to the protection of human rights. Stress once again that the EU is opposed to the use of the death penalty in all cases. Meaningful involvement of civil society in the development and implementation of drug policies. Firm commitment to the objectives of the Political Declaration. 

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