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CND Plenary Day 3 – India

Successes in some areas, and challenges in others. Without cooperation the goals of the Political Declaration are difficult to achieve. Technology has melted international boundaries and has had an adverse impact on the world drug problem. The JMS reaffirmed our commitment to the targets and goals from 2009. One aspect that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves is illicit poppy cultivation. This gave rise to the poppy seed, which is used in culinary in many countries. If the illicit cultivation of the poppy crop has to be meaningfully controlled, it is important not to diminish the economic benefits that come from the sale of poppy seeds. Another major setback is the emergence of NPS. For prevention and rehabilitation, include a scheme for prevention of alcoholism and substance abuse. Drug demand reduction includes provision of education and awareness building, treatment and rehabilitation, networking of service providers, capacity building of service providers, and data management. Pay special attention to certain groups, such as women and children. 

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