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CND Plenary Day 3 – USA

Our national drug control strategy recognized addiction as a disease that can be prevented, treated, and recovered from. Long term measures to reduce the supply of drugs. U.S. sponsoring a resolution specifically on recovery. We now know how to help those that need it, but need to put this knowledge to good use. Working to increase the availability of evidence-based information. Demand reduction, especially prevention and early intervention, saves lives and resources. “Affordable Care Act” provides treatment for substance abuse disorders. It mainstreams substance abuse disorder treatment into the health care system and guarantees access. Alternative development should be a part of a comprehensive counternarcotics strategy. Encourage states to provide alternative development assistance, particularly to Afghanistan. Working to implement the UN Conventions on Organized Crime, Against Corruption, and Guidelines of the Corruption Task Force. Look forward to UNGASS 2016 as an opportunity to examine best practices.

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