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CND Plenary Day 3 – Norway

Drug situation in Norway is positive and under control. Main concern is to maintain this situation. What really concerns Norway is that the price of illegal drugs has significantly fallen over the last 15 years, for some drugs over 70%. This means availability is high, and therefore harm reduction measures are crucial. Demand for drug use is stable and low, and among young people it is the lowest in Europe. In public opinion, there is a criticism and need to renew drug policies. Criticized for denying the need for this debate for too long. As the world drug problem knows no national border, the public debate is also international. 

We can’t ignore the debate any longer. Where the debate will take us we can’t predict, but starting with the solutions is not constructive. Norway asks for a thorough analysis of the whole picture of the world drug problem. Assess what should be terminated, what should be continued, and what new approaches should be used. Need to conduct risk assessment and draw scenarios. Eager for a public health framework. Participation from civil society and human rights aspect. At UNGASS 2016, these mentioned issues are crucial. Other issue is the importance of the words we use. Avoid words like “fight” and “combat.” Drug use disorder is described as a disease of the brain, but a much wider understanding is needed. Problematic drug use is something a man has, not just an organ has. Agree with the JMS. However, we are left with considerations and lessons learned that we cannot ignore in 2016. There is an urgent need for a more open debate based on trust, and not predictable positions.

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