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Supply Reduction Roundtable Part 2

Algeria.  Cannabis tons seized.  Crime is becoming more transnational in nature.  Measures taken by Algeria.  Awareness building and legislation.  Capacity building needed for developing countries.

Indonesia. Sea, air and land protection needed from drug trafficking syndicates.  Dismantling and detecting clandestine laboratories.  Consistent drug law enforcement exercise in order to??? (Very hard to understand this, sorry)  Severe punishment.  Trafficking an extraordinary crime.  Cross sector cooperation and international cooperation needed.

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Russian Federation. Illicit drug trade an international issue undermining security.  Have turned into a major problem for international community.  Key decisions regarding drugs have not been adopted.  1988 UNGASS suggestions.  Increasing use of cocaine and heroin.  particularly concerning is situation in Afghanistan where more than 80% of world’s heroin produced.  More effective efforts needed.  8 times less under Taliban.  Now rise 26x in operation enduring freedom.  Failure of international community.  In new millennium with MDG, More than 1 million people have died as a result of Afghan heroin.  More concern because of Afghan heroin.  2010 RF presented at NATO headquarters our solution to this problem. ??2.  Sets out major areas for focus of international community.  AD is a fairly effective tool.  In our opinion, most effective example is Thailand.  Since 1969.  Production of opium has fallen to nothing.  APril 24 important meeting for young people on drug use.  RF in addressing drug issue in compliance with balanced and comprehensive approach.  Unprecedented scale and consequences.  Note clear failure of effort on drug phenomenon.  Requires new breakthrough approaches.

Nigeria. N a transit country now.  Seizure statistics given.  Sharing information about concealment important.  Identification of laboratories an indication of need to intensify control of precursors and essential chemicals.  Calls for continuous exchange of information and enhanced cooperation.  Building of capacity of law enforcement to effectively implement drug control measures.  International support for developing countries through enhanced technical assistance can improve law enforcement.  Consistent with principle of shared responsibility.  Illicit cultivation of crops another area of concern.  Identify and destroy illicit cannabis.  UNODC and international agencies should support countries fighting illicit cultivation.  Sustainable and human approach is alternative development.  Cannot underestimate economic forces that drive farmers into illicit activities.  Have to address unemployment and other issues.

Morocco.  Fight against illicit drug scourge intensified.  Cannabis cultivation progressive policy has been effective in reducing acreage by 65%.  Worrisome dimensions of connections and roots with other forms of crime such as terrorism in particular.  Seizures of Ex  and other psych substances in Morocco.  Shouldn’t just be a slogan, but used at the service of fight against drugs and protection of borders.  Great amount of work for multidimensional actions that are long term.  AD has to be ensured with basic infrastructure and necessary development taking into account needs of populations concerned.  Combating supply should not conflict with demand reduction.  (Bad translation).  Capacity building, sharing of experience, strategic analysis, special investigation techniques all considered the foundation of effective fight against drug scourge.

Philippines.  2013 a banner year for drug law enforcement.  Shabu — 630% higher total seizures.  Eradicated marijuana plantation sites.  Factors that contributed to success — leadership.  Pres. Aquino gave orders to concentrate on supply of drugs.  Shift to high value targets.  Interagency coordination.  Culture of cooperation developed.  Airport drug interagency task force an example.  Best practice and model for other countries in the area.  Drug courier task force another example.  International cooperation.  3 syndicates: Chinese and Phil Chinese, African drug syndicates, and lately Mexican drug, Sinaloa syndicates.  Continuously receiving assistance from USDA, South Korea and Japan.  Cooperating with Australia and Mexico to fight syndicates.  UNODC should adopt a standard for determining number of drug users in each countries.  Could help with demand reduction and be a way to measure effectiveness of supply reduction programs.  Count number of DEA officers who sacrificed their lives by carrying out UN PD and POA.

Iran.  In spite of outstanding achievements of global community, certain impediments still remain for efforts of countries and global community.  Increasing trend in drug cultivation and production.  Development of communication technologies have made it possible for criminal rings to smuggle opiates.  Now cocaine and meth and amphetamines in the other direction.  Diversion of precursor chemicals has turned into illegal trade.  Based on past experience I propose this: calls on global community to adopt effective decision to terminate drug cultivation and support alternative livelihoods in Afghanistan.  Emphasize need for global community to provide shared responsibility — maritime routes.  Facilitate exchange of information and regional cooperation.  Border control mgmt. and intelligence sharing.

UK. Increasingly global threat.  Work together across borders.  Take the time to learn from each other.  Organized crime threatens global and national security.  UK GBP per year 27 billion cost to UK.  Organized crime groups intimidate and corrupt communities.  Trafficking drugs, people, firearms, cybercrime, child sexual exploitation.  2000 drug related deaths in UK.  Overseas undermines good governance.  Facilitate terrorism.  Drugs ruin lives and cause misery to families.  Tonnage of heroin and cocaine imported into UK.  Use of cutting agents to increase profits of great concern.  Tonnage of precursors imported reported.  Cannabis still most common drug.  Most cannabis imported but certain tonnage grown locally.  Increase in NPS.  Developing focused response to in UK.  In oct. last year, serious and organized crime strategy published.  New strategy reflects changed threats and lessons learned in counter terrorism.  NCA’s new border policing will play vital role in targeting influx of drugs from overseas.  40 countries network.  In UK we are clear that tackling drug supply threat requires holistic response.  Development must be delivered upstream.  Build capacity under three broad pillars.  Good governance.  Allow them to combat corruption and rule of law.  Establishing effective criminal justice; 3) contribute to multilateral cooperation in forums such as this.  Must ensure that we are relentlessly disrupting criminals at every stage. our response must be regional, not just individual countries.  Law enforcement important but must be comprehensive and holistic.  Alternative livelihoods.

Afghanistan.  Narcotics continue to threaten security and stability of Afghanistan.  Source of addiction and various diseases and public health.  Fuels corruption and crime.  Narcotics is a global challenge that requires regional and international cooperation based on shared responsibility.  Requires balanced and integrated approach.  Demand and supply reduction.  and drug related money laundering.  Highlight three priorities.  1) in order to fight cultivation and production, law enforcement needs to  be strengthened in Afghanistan and other countries in region; 2) Alternative livelihood a key element.  Farmers need to be convinced and have sustainable job opportunities 3) strengthen regional cooperation. Intelligence sharing and border cooperation.  Countering trafficking of precursors from producing and transit countries into Afghanistan including stricter border control.  Other area is expanding simultaneous cooperation, joint patrolling and countering money laundering.  There is need to implement commitments we make in various drug related conferences.  Priority is capturing drug traffickers.  30K operations last year.  Arrest 2,908 arrests. 49% increase over previous year.  Destroy 69 laboratories.  Seize 368 tons of drugs.  Considerable achievement.  Arrest 7 high profile traffickers out of ten in the country.  Still need cooperation from international partners to help us more effectively counter the menace of narcotics.  A new phenomenon in Afghanistan and is a result of war and conflict.  Afghan people the prime victim of this menace.  People of Afghanistan need continued support by international community.  Can’t counter this menace alone.  Gratitude to US, UK, and UNODC as partners in counternarcotics efforts.

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