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Plenary: Agenda Item 13

Resolution L2

Chair: We will now approve L2

Pakistan: We are happy the CND has adopted a resolution for the most affected states and enhance capacity building for those so affected.

Chair: Any co sponsors? Argentina, Philipines, US, Serbia, and Malaysia,

Resolution L3

Chair: Next resolution is L3 on the governance and final situation of the UNODC. Sponsors are El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Spain. I now invite the commission to adopt L3 rev 1. It is adopted. Cosponsors? Canada US Ecuador. I would now like to move tot he next resolution, L4

Resolution L4

Secretariat: adoption of L4 would entail any additional appropriation. thank you.

Chair: I now invite the adoption of L4 rev 1

Resolution L5

Chair: Any delegation wishing to comment?

Armenia: All government and parts of society need to be included. we regret that 2 resolutions have failed to reflect the principles of the UN. We reaffirm out commitment to cooperation in combatting drugs based on the principle of equal rights and self determination as enshrined in the charter of the UN. Thank you

Malta on behalf of the EU: we would like to co sponsor L5

Chair: Any others? Russia, US, Brazil, Colombia and Philippines.

Resolution L6

Co-sponsored by Australia, Canada, El Salvador, Israel, Malta for the EU, New Zealand, Norway.

Secretariat: OP6 and OP9 – extra budgetary requirement of $186000 for 2 years, 2017 and 2018, for toxicological data collection for UNODC at P2 and P3 for 3 working months, travel costs for 2 meeting with International partners. $96000 already received. OP9 – $720000 required for development of training and guidelines. Training and identifying of health harms of NPS, a 20 page report in 6 languages. 7 training sessions.

United Kingdom: Thank the chair of cow and secretariat for great work, thank all delegations for constructive approach we believe this resolution is greatly impact NPS. International action group on NPS produced concrete ambitious statement in UNGASS document.

Co-sponsors – Colombia, Belarus, Ecuador, United States, Uruguay, Andorra, Dominican Republic, Serbia

Resolution L7

Co-Sponsored by El Salvador, US Israel and Norway

Secretariat: estimate $120,000 per year required for maintenance for daily use of existing communication tools for online systems.

Chair: I invite the commission to adopt. It is decided. Any statements? any co sponsors? Canada, Malta, EU, Togo, Philippines.

Resolution L8

Co-sponsored by Australia, Guatemala, US, Norway

Secretariat: No additional resources required as it will be part of an existing report. But if not, $34,000 would be required.

Chair: I invite the adoption. It is decided. Any statements? co sponsors? EU, Ecuador, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Paraguay

Resolution L11

Co sponsored by Belarus, El Salvador, Russia Tajikistan, Malta, Kazakhstan, Norway, Peru and Turkey

Secretariat: On OP6,7 we will need $130,000 to support research and technical assistance to introduce new evidence based study per country. On paragraph 9 we need $130,000 for printing and translation of one report. It would not require any additional funds

Chair: it is decided.

Belarus: Thank you to all delegations for their enthusiasm.

Co sponsors: Canada, Israel, US, Uruguay, Estonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Paraguay, Philippines.

Resolution L12

Co-sponsored by Costa Rico, Guatemala, Norway, Australia, Brazil and Israel.

Secretariat: on OP2 – estimated $5.7 million per year by UNODC to HIV Aids section for provision of comprehensive HIV programs. Budget allocation 2016-2017 join UN program $11.5 million, at $5.7 million per annum. UNODC only received 50% of full amount. Core funds need to be provided at he same level in 2017

United States: We want to bring attention to page 2, first paragraph, reference to technical guide – footnote 6 – Geneva 2012. Technical guide was reference without year being mentioned. We believed that it was regarding 2009, not 2012. We would like this stricken. Direct quotation in paragraph 1. CND does not have ability to reference on alcohol. There needs to be a footnote that this is a direct quotation here.

Norway: Thank you for excellent leadership. Energy experienced here, we hope that this resolution leads to more funding for people who use drugs with HIV and people in prisons.

Co-sponsors: Colombia, Malta on behalf of EU, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, United States, Uruguay, Andorra, Tanzania, Togo.

Resolution L13

Co-sponsored by Belarus, El Salvador, Russia, China and Japan

Secretariat: $515,000 per year required for experts and training materials. $34,000 extra would be required. No extra resources required.

Chair: It is so decided

Russia: The work on this resolution was not straight forward. So very big thank you to Mexico and the chair of the CoW who helped us reach success. It has become truly international.

Co-sponsors: US, Kenya, Peru, Togo Paraguay, Philippines, Dominican Republic.

15 minute break.

Chair: We are joined by ED Fedetov. I hope you’ve had the time to look at the draft report. We will now look at L1.

Are there any comments? I see none – adopted.

L1 Addendum 1 – are there any comments – I see none – it’s adopted.

L1 Addendum 2

Mexico: Thank you. We’ve taken note of your request I’d like to point out an inconsistency in the Spanish and English paragraph 10 line 9 – please edit the Spanish version.

Chair: Noted. It’s adopted.

L1 Addendum 3 –

Canada: I have a few edits to make. I don’t want to misrepresent the comments of the US delegation. 5th line from the bottom ‘ controlling the flow of fentanyl’ – I’d like to propose ‘controlling the flow of illicit fentanyl’. The second one – last line, ‘tackling the NPS crisis’, i’d like to request ‘addressing NPS’ instead.

Chair: Noted, and the US agrees (thumbs up from US). It’s adopted.

Yury Fedetov: Thank you. We can all be proud that the 60th has successfully concluded. I congratulate all of you on the week, and numerous side events. The opening was attended by WHO Director Margaret Chan, and we discussed the MOU between UNODC and CND. I thank all of you, all of the delegations, and civil society for attending. We have followed up the UNGASS session. With L9 you have achieved the goal in planning for 2019. The Commission has placed new substances under control, we have more coordination on alternative development, NPS and precursors. In so many ways, this diamond session has been extraordinary – record number of participants and side events. We achieved a successful step forward since UNGASS. The UNGASS document shows direction on how we will address the world drug problem in the future. I wish you a safe journey home. Thank you.

United Arab Emirates: Thank you. On behalf of the League of Arab States, may I extend my congratulations to you madam chair. We also thank the Secretariat for their efforts.

Venezuela: On behalf of GRULAC I’d like to thank the chair, and the ambassadors for delivering this session. We’d like to congratulate all the delegation. It is because of them we have had suck a successful session.

Kuwait: Thank you, I read this on behalf of the Gulf Cooperation Council. We thank you for your outstanding conduct of this session, and the Ambassador of Mexico for facilitating the COW. Thank you.

Algeria: ON behalf of the African group, I’d like to congratulate you on the speed of consensus. We commend the Secretariat for this excellent session.

Malta: On behalf of EU and member states, I’d like to thank you for your steadfast and tireless efforts in paving the way towards 2019. The EU values the work of the Chairs, and the excellent UNGASS facilitator.

Chair: I very warmly thank you for a very positive session. I truly believe that we have brought the agenda forward. I extend my thanks to the Ambassador of Mexico for her work, and that of the UNGASS facilitator. Everyday up to this session, late evenings, early mornings, I’m very impressed by the tremendous efforts of all here. Id like to thank all of the people working behind the scenes – editors, translators, interpreter. This was the largest meeting ever, with over 1700 people. I thank profoundly civil society and academia. They energise our work with their perspectives. We really value the input of civil society at the CND. I wish you all a lovely weekend and safe return for colleagues leaving Vienna. I am very happy to close this session.

Mexico: Sorry to interrupt – I just really wanted to thank you for all of the support you have provided in this session. It has been a privilege to work with you. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Chair: I declare a successful 60th session of the CND closed.


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