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Committee of the Whole – Tuesday afternoon(L5 – Enhancing forensic detection capability for synthetic drugs through increasing international collaboration)

Chair: I propose we moved to PP3. Can we agree on the deletion of this paragraph? Paragraph deleted.

Iran: We propose to put a full stop after financial flows, in sub paragraph b.

Colombia: Given that this is language from UNGASS why has the language been removed when already agreed upon? I was referring to sub paragraph b.

Chair: any explanation Iran?

Iran: Actually this language is related to the (…)

Chair: is there any other comment

Australia: we ask to keep it in as it is already approved language so we are not in a position to change it

USA: our comment was along the lines of that offered by Australia – particularly when we are recalling what the general assembly said.

France: we also support keeping the language used and is in accordance with all previous commitments.

Iran: can we put it in brackets.

Chair: now we move to the last paragraph


Australia: (missed)

Pakistan: (…) the proposal seems quite unusual for us as we don’t think when the commission adopted the (…) we do not need to push for inserting a reference to stigma, for the sake of this resolution, we ask to remove the reference to stigma.

Russia: we would like to echo what Pakistan have noted and also believe the addition starting with “while bearing in mind” is not needed and all other issues are covered by a human rights and gender perspective.

USA: we do recognise where stigma exists and that reaching out and providing training for law enforcement is a government responsibility. we recognised stigma as early as 2009 so this isn’t really an issue

Spain: based on resolutions adopted in this forum and as such we do understand the link between the issue in the text and stigmatisation, stigmatisation is what happens when individuals use drugs and can even refer to how an individual looks at themselves, whether we like it or not this does exist and we cannot over look it

Germany: we strongly support the proposal put forward by Australia and ask those delegations opposed to reflect on this.

Pakistan: there is no use of drug use in this paragraph so what is the relevance of using the phrase “stigmatising attitude” we need to spend more time on this

UK: we are in favour of keeping the phrase, Pakistan make a relevant point but we should look at the resolution as a whole which talks of ways of dealing with people who have come into contact with drugs – we should look at this holistically and refer back to the CND last year

X: Talking about stigma and human rights are very sensitive but very important

Sweden: we strongly support the Australian amendment.

Czech Republic: we also support the change.

Pakistan: We want to support the resolution put forward by Australia and support it remaining.

Australia: we would like to propose splitting this preambular paragraph – splitting after illicit trade (…)

Canada: after some discussion it became clear that (…) is it really likely law enforcement will not encounter those who have used drugs or even law officials exposed themselves. i think the importance of non-stigmatising attitudes towards those people is worth stressing(…)

Chair: can we agree on the first preambular paragraph? i think we can adopt this. The second paragraph is in brackets and recommend discussion between the interested delegates. Further consultation will be needed.



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