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Resolution L8. Supporting Public Health and Justice System Collaboration in Providing Alternative Sentences for Drug Involved Offenders

United states. Very productive informals.  Many delegations and good spirit of compromise.  Title.  Supporting the collaboration of public health and justice authorities …. o pursue alternative measures to conviction or punishment..  NO comments. PP 1.. no comments.   PP2. Aware that substance use disorders…No comments.   PP3.  Recalling GA resolution 69 192.  No comments.   …

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Resolution L10. Strengthening cooperation with academia and promoting scientific research in drug control issues in order to achieve the goals set forth in the Political Declaration and Plan of Action on International Cooperation towards an Integrated and Balanced Strategy to Counter the World Drug Problem

Russia. The aim of the resolution is to consolidate scientific potential to provide assistance to member states at CND on demand and supply. It is necessary to set up an efficient cooperation system between CND and academia to adapt the scientific knowledge into effective decisions. The focus of academia on the world drug problem will …

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