Holy See

UNGASS: Thirtieth special session of the General Assembly on the world drug problem (6th plenary meeting)

General debate [item 7] (continued) The full statements delivered by member states during the UNGASS general debate are available here.  Nepal – Established national coordination committee for drug abuse control with separate district level committees in the country. Doing our best to address drug problems. Look to international community for enhanced cooperation, including in coordination with …

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Resolution L8. Mainstreaming a gender perspective into drug-related policies and programmes

Mexico: Would like to thank Australia for its co-sponsorship of this resolution. PP1. No comments. PP2. Russia: Can we delete “Welcoming the efforts made by Member States to achieve and comply with the provisions of” and replace with “Reaffirming the obligations under”? And add “as the cornerstone of the international drug control system” to the …

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