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Side event: Drugs and the environment: Towards more environmentally sustainable drug policies

Organised by Germany with the support of Australia, Brazil, France, Peru, Thailand and the UNODC Research and Trend Analysis Branch Daniel Brombacher, GIZ, Germany. We are happy to see the issue of the environment having gained growing support. Our AD resolution in 2022 was the first that had the environment in the title. This year’s …

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Plenary Item 6. Follow-up to the implementation at the national, regional and international levels of all commitments, as reflected in the Ministerial Declaration of 2019, to address and counter the world drug problem.

March 16th, Thursday 10 a.m. (…) Japan: We have made efforts to support the Ministerial Declaration of 2019. Endeavour to implement supply and demand reduction measures in a comprehensive manner in the framework of national drug prevention strategy. Recognizing challenges specific to the country we have implemented demand reduction, prevention measures and awareness activities to …

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CND Intersessional Meeting, 23 October 2018: cross-cutting issues in addressing and countering the world drug problem

CHAIR – Good morning everyone. Today we focus on cross-cutting issues in addressing and countering the world drug problem, evolving realities, trends and existing circumstances, emerging and persistent challenges and threats including new psychoactive substances (NPS), in conformity with the 3 international Drug Control Conventions and other relevant international instruments. We will continue with the …

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Committee of the Whole (Wednesday) – Resolution L.6 Enhancing International Cooperation to Combat the Synthetic Opioid Crisis

Chair: We suspend consideration of this resolution and move onto L6. USA: We are happy to now have L6 under consideration by the Committee of the Whole. Chair: I propose that we start with the title. Are we able to adopt the title? Belgium: During informals, we did not discuss the title and my delegation …

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Committee of the Whole – Resolution L.12: Promoting measures to prevent HIV and other blood-borne infections among people who use drugs, and increasing financing for the global HIV/AIDS response and for drug use prevention and drug demand reduction efforts

Text of resolution as it was written before CND commenced. Norway: We have three reasons for this. A lot of good things have happened with HIV epidemic but it is not over. We need to work in prisons and with drug users. Finances for HIV have been produced. UNODC have a unique position with expertise on …

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