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Committee of the Whole L3 Strengthening international cooperation in combating the misuse of information and communications technologies for drug trafficking and drug-related money-laundering

RESOLUTION L3 CHAIR: Let’s move to L3 presented by Russia. I will ask them to introduce the advances that they have made during the consultations. Russia has the floor RUSSIA: Had quite good progress during our informal consultations on L3 draft resolution. We have managed to agree on almost the entire text of the draft …

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CND 64th Reconvened Session – 10th December 2021

<Technical issues> Mexico: (…) in recent days, we have seen how a number of delegations have sought to influence the Secretariat and to censor documentation, frankly, violating article 100 of the UN charter. Which should we fail to recall is not only an international treaty, but rather it is ´the´ international treaty that depends on …

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