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General Assembly: Thirtieth Special Session of the General Assembly on the World Drug Problem (3rd plenary meeting)

The full statements delivered by member states during the UNGASS general debate are available here.  Chair: The third plenary meeting of the 30th special session calls to order; the GA continues its meeting Singapore: Mister President, Singapore is happy to be participating to UNGASS 2016. To discuss the global drug problem, we need to ask a …

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General Assembly: Thirtieth special session of the General Assembly on the world drug problem (Opening segment)

The full statements delivered by member states during the UNGASS general debate are available here.  Mogens Lykketoft: Ladies and gentlemen, I think for the election as President of this special session. Let me express my condolences to the delegations of Ecuador and Japan whose countries have been hit by deadly earthquakes. It is an honour …

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High Level Segment – Statement of Lichtenstein

L welcomes UNGASS for policy evaluation and adjustment and looks forward to constructive discussions.  Acknowledges important achievements.  Alternative development and health policy.  Drug fueled transnational organized crime has had devastating effects, threatening security of nations.  Threatens human rights.  Lichtenstein fully committed to efforts to combat transnational organized crime.  Has been organized to meet all standards. …

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Adoption of final report of CND

Chair of the CoW We had before us 16 draft proposals which have been approved by the Committee of the Whole. A full list of the resolutions is available at: http://www.unodc.org/unodc/en/commissions/CND/session/56-draft-resolutions.html. There has been a request to consider the draft resolution on Afghanistan first. Resolution E/CN7/2013/L10/REF1 – Strengthening international cooperation in combating illicit opiates originating …

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Committee of the Whole – Resolution L9

Developing an international electronic import and export authorisation system for licit trade of controlled substances. Sponsors: Croatia, Denmark on behalf of the EU, Albania, United States. Amendment to operative paragraph 2, the rest of text is deleted as the same text is contained in operative paragraph 6. Budgetary Implications 506,000 dollars to develop deploy and …

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Committee of the Whole – Resolution L13

Resolution L13 Sponsors: Australia, Denmark (EU) Ecuador (LA) Egypt, Norway Philippines USA Budgetary implications 7.7mil to develop strategies to develop best practices on drug prevention for 25 countries and implementation. Adopted: Venezuela statement: we are concerned in the language in docs adopted, the terms “use of drugs” “use of illicit drugs”, and “abuse of drugs” …

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