Committee of the Whole Resolution L5. Promoting comprehensive and scientific evidence-based early prevention

PM PP13bis Chair: Agreed in COW. OP3 Iran: the capital accepts. Chair: Agreed in COW. OP6 and OP7 Chair: Agreed in COW. PP11 Slovenia: Added addition of Australia to ‘prevention science’. Brackets on ‘adverse childhood experiences’ reservation by Venezuela but expressed flexibility. Tackle this first to remove the brackets. Venezuela: We have asked for further …

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Plenary Item 6. Follow-up to the implementation at the national, regional and international levels (afternoon session)

Chair: This morning, we have had the introductions. By the various offices of the UNODC Secretariat, but we have not yet had the occasion to give the floor to delegates and I will therefore now open the floor to delegates starting with China online. China: Undoubtedly strict control of these substances will contribute to preserving life and …

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Committee of the Whole. Resolution L.7: Intensifying efforts to address the proliferation of uncontrolled and designer precursors used in the illicit manufacture of drugs (Tuesday morning session)

OP8 Chair: Yes, there were different alternatives, but we didn’t have time. USA, could you introduce the text? USA: Yes, our intent is to encourage states to prevent the exploitation of precursors and prevent their export/import. Chair: I see no comments on paragraph 8. USA: We had a good discussion on OP8. Colombia proposed an …

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