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CND Thematic Discussions // Session 6 – Non-compliance of responses with international drug control conventions & human rights obligations

Chair: Welcome back. The challenge that we will be focusing on this afternoon responses not in conformity with the three international drug conventions, and not in conformity with applicable international human rights obligations pose a challenge to the implementation of joint commitment based on the principle of responsibility. UNODC Scientific Services Branch:  I have a brief moment …

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Plenary Item 3. General debate

Vietnam: We’re concerned by the threat of the drugs problem globally during the impact of COVID pandemic. NPS pose new challenges for control. Threatening security, health and happiness; especially young people. Comprehensive measures are needed at all levels. Based on experiences, scientific foundations and international cooperation. Vietnam welcomes the participation of all stakeholders dealing with …

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Side Event: Youth Participation in Drug Use Prevention: A Way to Build Healthy, and Prosperous Communities and Societies

Organized by Kyrgyzstan and the Russian Federation, and Turkish Green Crescent Society and UNODC Drug Prevention and Health Branch. Elizabeth Mattfeld, Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Section, Drug Prevention and Health Branch, UNODC: UNODC Handbook on Youth Participation in Drug Prevention Work. We have meaningful engagement of youth. Youth driving creation of this document. Defines youth …

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Side event: Addressing the dramatic growth of synthetic drugs underway in the Mekong region of Asia

Organized by the Government of Thailand and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Regional Office for Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Chair: the levels of drugs in the Mekong has reached crisis levels. Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand: we call for more attention and coordinated efforts to tackle the alarming synthetic drug situation …

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