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Side event: New Paradigm of Addiction Recovery – A Model of hope for overcoming the challenges in drug treatment recovery

Organized by Sri Lanka Wadih Maalouf, Drug Prevention and Health (UNODC): Working in prevention of drug use is prevention standards.  Main paradigm for policy makers is to focus on individual and not the drug as the problem.  Focus on individual means there is a science that can help him/her, no need to improvise, every single program …

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Side event: Maritime Drug Trafficking in the South Pacific

Shanaka moderator (UNODC): Global Maritime Crime team has been working closely with Pacific Crime Coordination Center.  Hope to deliver equipment to Fiji, Hiribash, Tonga, and Tuvalu.  We’ve also provided algorithm based machine learning software to detect vessels at sea.  Recognize that use of advance technology is a key tool is combatting maritime crime in Pacific. …

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Side event: Family a key social institution for addressing substance use, violence, mental health and promote sustainable development: Lessons learned from parenting under stress, in humanitarian settings and in the context of COVID19 and beyond

Waadih Maalouf, UNODC Prevention Treatment Rehabilitation Section (moderator) Ambassador Muhammad Muhith: provides opening remarks. Thanks sponsorship and UNODC. The event is organized to share experience in Bangladesh.   Introduces speakers. We strongly believe that family is a key institution that shapes individuals, especially during the pandemic now.  Hopeful this event will encourage support to children.  Globally we …

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Side event: Strengthening Community Support for Recovery

Organized by the International Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations for the Prevention of Drug and Substance Abuse with the support of Indonesia, and the Associacao Reabilitacao de Toxicodependentes de Macau, and the Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association ARTM: Welcome. On this side event we’ll focus on recovery and social reintegration. Thank you all. Abdul Karim, Executive Director SANA, …

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