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Side event: Strengthening Community Support for Recovery

Organized by the International Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations for the Prevention of Drug and Substance Abuse with the support of Indonesia, and the Associacao Reabilitacao de Toxicodependentes de Macau, and the Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association ARTM: Welcome. On this side event we’ll focus on recovery and social reintegration. Thank you all. Abdul Karim, Executive Director SANA, …

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CND Intersessional Meeting, 25 October 2018: Preparations for the ministerial segment to be held during the 62nd session of the CND

Chair – Today is time for the Organizational Segment. This is our 4th day of the 4th intersessional meeting. We listened to interesting presentations and it was an interactive, dynamic session. I thank you for your cooperation. Proposed agenda for HLMS has to be decided in December. I hope today will prevail as an opportunity …

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L10 Committee of the Whole (Wednesday) – Resolution L.10 Recognizing the needs of vulnerable populations in addressing the world drug problem

Chair: Let’s turn to L10 Australia: Thank you. We’ve held 5 informals and made progress. We’ve approved all preambular paragraphs and 6 OP paragraphs, we’re very happy to present it now. Chair: Ok we’ll start with the title New Zealand: No comment on the title, we’d like to thank Australians for presenting this resolution and we’d …

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