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Switzerland’s Comments on the INCB Annual Report

A few years ago, Switzerland conducted a trial prevention intervention, which is now reaching every young people throughout the country. Prevention interventions have become a pillar, rather than an option, in our drug policy.

We have developed a four-pillar strategy. The Swiss police have been active in implementing surveillance measures on the sale of cannabis, which have been added to prevention of drugs and therapeutic treatment. We have seen a reduction in cannabis consumption. There is therefore a lasting success in this policy.

Switzerland is also working actively in the working group on electronic mechanism for import and export of drugs. Switzerland will welcome that the INCB takes up the issue on the necessity to provide accurate data.

A list should also be established for substances that are not in the drug control system, but that may be diverted in the illegal drug market. This would enable Switzerland to react flexibly according to new trends. We remain committed to a comprehensive approach to the drug policy approach.

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