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Plenary, Day 3. Drug demand reduction and treatment : Netherlands

The Eu and the Dutch policies include prevention, harm reduction and rehabilitation. All aspects are vital and must work together. All interventions must strive for evidence based approaches which reduce harm and drug related diseases. Human rights must be adhered too.

Public health approaches must adopt prevention treatment and harm reduction. We must focus on youth drug use and encompass e-learning.

Abstinence often isn’t a feasible goal. A comprehensive package including needle syringe exchanges and opiate treatment are vital. Our approach is effective and evidence based. Our coffee shop approach removes a criminal element and is restricted to many people. These establishments abide by strict regulations and we are now limiting drug tourism and drug crime.

New policy on coffee shops: Will be private clubs, maximum of 2000 members. 18+ and only for Dutch nationals and nowhere near a school. 50% THC cannabis is now going to carry more severe punishments.

Drug crime measures have been intensified.

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