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Agenda Item 2 : Adoption of the agenda and other organizational matters

Agenda Item 1: Election of officers
Elected Norway as the first vice-chair, Brazil second vice-chair, Nigeria third vice-chair, Korea forth vice-chair. Indonesia decided as the first rapporteur.

Agenda Item 2. Provisional agenda and proposed organization work contained in document E/CN.7/2016/1. At the 58th session of the CND, adopted resolution 58/8 including modalities of the special segment itself. Commission adopted decision 58/15 preliminary agenda for the special segment during this CND. Agenda item three of the special segment will take the format of a general debate. Three subitems, a, b, and c, will be dealt with together in line with past practice. Commission will need to further consider implementation of decision 58/16 adopted in December 2015. Five interactive multi-stakeholder roundtables at UNGASS. Commission will also approve the outcome document to be sent to the GA for consideration at UNGASS. Agenda is adopted.

Friday March 18 will start with subitem b. The work of the COW will be suspended during the consideration of 6b to allow for commission to discharge its treaty based functions and consider seven substances for international control. Entrusted with consideration of draft resolution in the COW. Will have seven meetings during the duration of CND. Urge delegations to consult informally to promote the widest possible consensus before the COW. Commission agreed maximum speaking time of ten minutes for chairs of regional groups, and five minutes for others.

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