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Item 17. Adoption of the report of the Commission on its sixty-second session

Ambassador of Iran, Chair COW: Have finalized and endorsed all 8 resolutions, thanks to all involved for your patience.

Chair: Co-sponsors to be patient

Secretary: Provisions on L2, L5, L6, L7, L8, annotated provisions on L3, L4, L9


Finance: 47000USD required for expert group meeting. No extra.

Chair: Do we agree to adopt? We do. Open the floor.

Co-sponsors: Afghanistan, Belarus, India, Thailand, Nigeria, Colombia


Finance: No financial implications

Co-sponsors: Argentina, El Salvador, New Zealand, Romania (on behalf of EU), Ukraine

Colombia: Would like clarification – when can we be co-sponsors – is it done before or after – we would like to co-sponsor?

Secretary: After the adoption of the resolution, we will read out financial implication, then we invite the adoption, then we open the floor for statements and then we ask for delegations to co-sponsor. So there is an opportunity for everyone to sponsor after the adoption.

Chair: Who wishes to co-sponsor?

Secretary: Afghanistan, Colombia, Belarus, USA, Uruguay, Honduras, Japan, Thailand, Canada Nigeria.


L6 (sponsored by Ecuador, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Thailand)

Chair: I see no comments. Who would like to co-sponsor?

Secretary: Romania on behalf of EU, Honduras, Japan, Indonesia, morocco, Colombia, Nigeria


L7 (sponsored by Canada, Honduras, Paraguay, USA, Argentina, El Salvador, Mexico, NZ, Panama, UK)

Finance: OP2: 1.8 million USD over 3 years within the framework of a global project. OP19: 84K USD to collect national data and share info.

Chair: Adoption? It is so decided. Floor open for statements. Co-sponsors?

Afghanistan, Colombia, Belarus, India, Norway, Poland, Germany

L8 (sponsored by Australia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Russia, Argentina, Panama, Norway, Paraguay, Peru Philippines, Romania on behalf of EU)

Finance: OP5: 683K USD, OP6: 48K USD, OP7: 118K USD, OP9: 713K USD, OP9: 713K USD.

Chair: Adopted.

Co-sponsors: Colombia, Cuba, USA, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Canada, Thailand, Switzerland, Venezuela

L9 (sponsored by Andorra, Argentina, Jamaica, (…) Mexico, Panama, Portugal, Paraguay)

Secretary: Amendment, last PP, fourth line – ‘while also recognizing different levels of national capacity’

Finance: OP11 – 923000USD for MS to increase capacity for HIV prevention and treatment programs. No extra.

Chair: Do we agree to adopt? We do. Open the floor.

USA: US joins consensus, but takes note by our healthcare – family planning does not include abortion.

Co-sponsors: Australia, Colombia, Uruguay, Canada, Switzerland, NZ, Nigeria, Romania (behalf of EU), Honduras

L4 (sponsored by Australia, Andorra, Armenia, Canada, Egypt, Kenya, NZ, Norway, Ukraine)

Finance: OP5: 1.4 million for 2 years, OP12: 30K USD to inform MS on a yearly basis. Adoption doesn’t entail extra with regards to the regular program.

Chair: Adoption? So decided. Any co-sponsors?

Afghanistan, Colombia, brazil, Switzerland, Uruguay, Romania on behalf of EU.


Finance: OP5: 585K USD to facilitate exchanges of best practices, OP11: 611K USD within the scope of the boards existing projects.

Chair: Adopted. Open for statements.

Russia: The Secretariat in presenting this document indicated the last resolution and I hope this could be put somewhat put differently “last but not least”. The work on the text has been time and human resource consuming. The main issues are to comply with obligations of the conventions and most delegations have spoken against trafficking, in favor of compliance and within the general goals of UN. We have gotten fine results down so I thank all contributions, especially those who co-sponsored. In this fashion, first time speaking on a resolution supporting INCB will prove useful.

Chair: co-sponsors?

Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba, India, Iran, Peru, Japan, El Salvador, Indonesia, Malaysia, Dominican Republic, Nigeria.

Chair: Now to adoption of the report.

Chair: CND shortening reports. Brief summary of deliberations. Also have debates and roundtables. You can find the report outside. Item 15 & 16 will be found later today

Rapporteur: Contained in 9 docs – E/CN.7/2019/L1 and relevant addenda. Admin matters. Includes ministerial segment.

Addendum 2 – Item 8

Addendum 3 – Item 9

Addendum 4 – Item 10

Addendum 5 – Item 11

Addendum 6 – Item 12

Addendum 7 – Item 13

Addendum 8 – Item 14

Agenda 16. The reports will be prepared and finalized under the guidance of Chair and myself after the session. I suggest to begin the adoption with L1 and then proceed one by one.

Chair: Thank you. Any addition and addition of language to be submitted in writing to the Secretary. We proceed with the adoption of the report – alltogether.

E/CN.7/2019/L1 on organization. Any comments? I see none – adopted.

E/CN.7/2019/L.1/ad.1 on ministerial segment. Any comments? I see none – adopted.

E/CN.7/2019/L.1/ad.2 on budget. Any comments? I see none – adopted.

E/CN.7/2019/L.1/ad.3 on treaty implementation. Any comments?

Mexico: We’d like to make an amendment to replace ‘one speaker regretted it’ with ‘some speakers’.

Uruguay: We support the Mexican proposal.

Chair: Thank you, will do.

UAE: During the discussion of item9, we tabled observations concerning INCB’s words and phrases that reflect current situation in the area and so the report followed certain political agendas and didn’t reflect the technical nature of the issue and the efforts of UAE. We would like to put on record our reservations on the report. In order to maintain consensus, we wont object to the adoption but would like this intervention to be reflected on the official records.

Egypt: Para 27 of report – small amendment ‘some speakers’ not ‘one speaker’

Chair: Can we adopted as amended?


Chair: Any comments? Adopted.


Pakistan: Para 12 – please insert dates of meeting – and location – Islamabad.

Chair: Any comments? Adopted.


Mexico: Add para – number 11 – MOU between UNODC and WHO – common position on drug matters and human rights. I will send through the text.

Chair: Any comments? Adopted.


Chair: Any comments? Adopted.


Chair: Any comments? Adopted.

Chair: The whole document is now presented for adoption as a whole. I see no objections. It is so decided. Now closing remarks.

Fedotov: Congratulations on the successful session and its ministerial segment. This brought together more high-level officials and regional organizations than ever before. The high level of multilateral engagement clearly illustrates the importance of the issue addressed by this commission and its unique role. The ministerial declaration forges a common path for the next decade in recognition that there is more that unites than divides us. The declaration brings us together on the basis of 2009 and 2016. In charting the course forward, you committed to safeguard our future ensuring no one is left behind as well as placing safety and health of humankind, particularly youth, at the center. I welcome a balanced health and rights-based approach that puts people first. We can’t succeed without shared responsibility. UNODC, as ever, is here to help you to seek innovative solutions and address the ever-evolving drug challenges. Thanks for the extended bureau, Ambassador Okeke, our staff and colleagues. Safe journey home!

Chair: Open the floor

Mexico: Want to convey warm congratulations it’s been a great success, and congrats to COW Chair and people who worked Min Declaration etc

Nigeria: On behalf of African Group, thank you to Chair, you are a proud son of Africa. Professional conduct of COW Chair was great. Thanks to rapporteurs and translators. Thanks everyone

Armenia: Last min amendments to L3 – this is about INCB. Amendments are not relevant. Armenia withdraws as cosponsor and do not believe we fall under its constraints.

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