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Plenary Item 3. General debate (continued)

United Republic of Tanzania: Thank you Madam Chair for giving my delegation the floor. At the outset, allow me to extend my delegation’s warm congratulation to you and other members of the Bureau. Upon your election on this 66th session, I wish to commend the executive secretary of UNODC and the staff for organising this …

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Item 3: General debate (continued)

Chair of the CND: We will continue with Item 3. Nepal: Nepal aligns itself with the statement of G-77 and Asia-Pacific Group. Illicit cultivation, production, manufacture, trafficking and consumption are putting profound impacts on security and development of the world. Yet, it is heartening to note that the world community has formally recognised the aim …

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High Level Segment – Statement by Laos

In the past year, Laos has tackled drugs issues with important changes. We have amended the drug law. We have carried out drug education in different ways to create awareness in society. Currently, we assiduously help former opium poppy farmers with sustainable livelihoods. We cooperate with China to carry out substitution projects. UNODC and other …

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opening Plenary: Statement by LAO PDR

It is noted that the international community including Lao PDR are actively seeking ways to resolve the world drug problem. The annual survey on opium cultivation in Lao shows increased from the previous years. This is resulting from lack of resources for alternative development, demand for opium consumption and increase in the price in the …

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Plenary Day 1: Statement from Lao PDR

Laos has been successful in significantly reducing opium poppy cultivation, reducing cultivation areas by 94% and to reduce opium addiction by over 80%. This achievement can be attributed to political will to put an end to this scourge to our society. We are grateful to the UNODC and generous countries that helped contribute to this …

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CND day 3 – People’s Republic of Lao statement on the 52nd CND Plan of Action and Political Declaration

The transnational character of organised crime requires a concerted international cooperation. Laos welcomes the political declaration and plan of action to counter the world drug problem. The approach of the international community must be based on the principle of common and shared responsibility and include comprehensive strategies. In 2006, poppy production was significantly decreased, but …

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