Sri Lanka

CND 64th Reconvened Session – 10th December 2021

<Technical issues> Mexico: (…) in recent days, we have seen how a number of delegations have sought to influence the Secretariat and to censor documentation, frankly, violating article 100 of the UN charter. Which should we fail to recall is not only an international treaty, but rather it is ´the´ international treaty that depends on …

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Side event: New Paradigm of Addiction Recovery – A Model of hope for overcoming the challenges in drug treatment recovery

Organized by Sri Lanka Wadih Maalouf, Drug Prevention and Health (UNODC): Working in prevention of drug use is prevention standards.  Main paradigm for policy makers is to focus on individual and not the drug as the problem.  Focus on individual means there is a science that can help him/her, no need to improvise, every single program …

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Plenary – Agenda item 3: General Debate (continued)

Chair: Because of technical difficulties, we will not start with the Global Fund, so we will start with speakers left from yesterday. Please, limit your statements to 3 minutes. Kazakhstan: CND offers a unique platform to share information and strengthen cooperation. Weve all seen negative trends. This requires continued improvement and focused efforts. Important to …

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